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What is ICO SMOService?
What is SMO Coin?

Round number 3 will end in:

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Round 1

December 1, 2019 - August 27, 2020


Per token

Round 2

August 28, 2020 - January 9, 2021


Per token

Round 3

January 10, 2021 - July 14, 2022


Per token

Return on investment

By purchasing tokens in the first rounds, you are guaranteed to increase your financial investments.

Earnings with a team

A multi-level affiliate program allows you to receive additional tokens from the transactions of your team.

Token sale on the exchange

After completing all stages of the ICO, SMOCoin will be available on the largest international cryptocurrency exchanges.

The technology simplifies the SMM

Artificial neural network, SMM tool which is designed to be an effective assistant for business and entrepreneurs.


  • Target audience selection
  • Account and Content Analysis
  • Query and Trend Analysis
  • Search and correction of errors
  • Detailed page audit
  • Path to Profile Verification


  • Selection of bloggers for ad
  • Intuitive social media ad setup
  • Targeting Advertising for Your
  • Smart bid adjustments system
  • Generation of advertising texts
  • Budget Saving Algorithm

SMO Coin Emission

6% - Bonus system
15% - Referral program
70% - Will be sold to investors
4% - Reserve
5% - Operational Needs and Team

Smart-contract address (ERC-20)

The number of tokens is strictly limited.

Invest in ICO from SMOService

Guaranteed profit for the investor

Our product, the project that we will create, will be in demand around the world. The expected return for our investors is millions of dollars. The cost of our platform is limited. You are currently increasing your future profits. You can always use SMOCoin on all our platforms.

Now social networks strongly influence business and sales, SMOCoin does everything that a business needs. After all, no matter how experts are involved in your project, but any team member, employee or freelancer cannot be as involved in the business as you are. Only the founder can be fully involved, SMOCoin will become a loyal assistant to business owners. Now the leader can do everything himself, no one else is needed.

Invest in ICO from SMOService

ICO Race

A project for those who want to profitably invest in cryptocurrency and not only. Just replenish your account, automatically take part in the drawing and win an apartment in Moscow!

The results of the competition will be announced on September 1, 2020 in Moscow, at the official closing of the ICO.

Participate Contest
ICO Race SMOCoin
Продано 3 709 из 5 000 000 токенов
Цель: 5 000 000 токенов

Крутые призы:

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

135 thousand tokens
Sony PS4 Pro

Sony PS4 Pro

175 thousand tokens
Air Pods Pro

Air Pods Pro

225 thousand tokens
Sony FDR-X3000

Sony FDR-X3000

300 thousand tokens
Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch 5

350 thousand tokens
iPad PRO

iPad PRO

400 thousand tokens
iPhone 11

iPhone 11

450 thousand tokens
iPhone 11 PRO Max

iPhone 11 PRO Max

600 thousand tokens
MacBook Pro 13

MacBook Pro 13

700 thousand tokens
MacBook Pro 16

MacBook Pro 16

850 thousand tokens
Mac Pro

Mac Pro

1 million tokens
iMac Pro

iMac Pro

2 миллиона токенов
Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-Class

3 миллиона токенов
Apartment in Moscow

Apartment in Moscow

4 million tokens

Technology roadmap

Long-term plan for the release of new products and the launch of the SMM promotion system based on an artificial neural network.

2020 - 2021
ICO and the initial stage of the development of ANNs for SMM.
2nd quarter 2021
Project development according to the ICO plan.
4nd quarter 2021
Multilingual release for PC and mobile version.
1nd quarter 2022
Integration of ANN with the payment system developed by us.
1nd quarter 2021
Project development according to the ICO plan.
3nd quarter 2021
The release of the basic functions of the ANN system for business in the API.
1nd quarter 2022
Development and release of applications for iOS and Android.
What makes SMOCoin special

What makes SMOCoin special?

  • 28% — Professionalism
  • 22% — Demand
  • 20% — Profitability
  • 14% — Opportunities
  • 11% — Uniqueness
  • 5% — Competition

Our professional team develops extremely effective and sought-after site systems, complete solutions brought to the ideal. Many years of experience of the SMOService team, allows you to thoroughly calculate the trends of social networks. The SMOCoin product allows all investors and coin holders to develop at the ICO stage.

Affiliate program

Become our partners and earn with us through the referral system.

From the number of purchased tokens by a level 1 partner.
From the number of purchased tokens by a level 2 partner.
From the number of purchased tokens by a level 3 partner.
From the number of purchased tokens by a level 4 partner.



CIO (Chief Information Officer)


CCO (Сhief Content Officer)


(CRO) Chief Revenue Officer


CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)


CCO (Сhief Creative Officer)


(CTO) Chief Technology Officer


CCO (Сhief Customer Officer)